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Faculty sites

The Division of Computing and Information Systems operates a central system for hosting faculty sites. The system is provided to all academic units at the Technion free of charge.

The system allows each faculty to build its site according to its needs and functional preferences, in accordance with the Technion branding rules.

The following link will take you to the relevant page on the Computing Division website. If you are not directed to the relevant page for any reason, please consult with us >>.

Building sites and personal pages

The site-building section of the Division of Computing and Information Systems provides a support and guidance system that will allow you to easily and quickly build simple sites on your own and maintain them over time.

The following link will take you to the relevant page on the Computing Division’s website. If you are not directed to the relevant page for any reason, please consult with us>>.

Outlook signatures

The electronic signature will appear automatically (in the ‘Signature’ menu) for end users who use their account on the central identification server of the administrative and academic staff at the Technion in the STAFF domain only.

Before submitting the application, a computing engineer must verify that the login is executed in the STAFF domain.

Please note: Information which appears in the automatic signature is derived from data in the Technion Central Computing System – SAP HR.

Example of a signature with job title:

Example of a signature without job title:

In order to activate the signature in Outlook (only), this form must be filled in with all the relevant details of the function holders for whom the email signature is required.

At the end of the process, an email will be sent to the applicant.

Administrative staff in a supported unit who do not wish to add a job title to their signature will forward the information on the form to

Social Networks

» Account name, page, or profile

Use the unit’s full name including the donor’s name (if relevant) and then add the phrase: at the Technion

For example: Ruth and Baruch Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion

If the unit’s name is too long you may shorten it accordingly, but make sure that the name Technion – Israel Institute of Technology appears in the page description.

» Profile or Cover Picture

Profile and cover pictures unite and highlight the Technion’s units on social networks.

Use real (authentic) profile and/or cover images – photographs that you commissioned, or a design created for your page. Purchased images should not be used and certainly not reproduced without usage rights.

Do not use the Technion logo as a profile picture so as not to mislead users regarding the main Technion pages. Use of the Technion logo may be done according to Technion logo usage guidelines.


For Technion zoom users, it is suggested to use formatted backgrounds for your attribution, differentiation and unique appearance:

To download the backgrounds, click here

* If the background looked reversed – flipped – Enter the camera settings in the zoom software and select the ‘mirror my video’ option

Link to instructions about installing Technion-Licence ZOOM software on the Information Systems and Computing Division website: